IFHE-US will host a Cultural Evening during the AAFCS 109th Annual Conference and Expo in Atlanta, GA. It will be
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The theme of the World Home Economics Day 2018 (WHED 2018) “Home Economics Literacy: Skills for Healthy and Sustainable Cooking”
Since March 20th, 1982 IFHE has continued to recognise March 20th each year as World Home Economics Day (WHED). The
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Jan Scholl,  Associate Professor Emerita (2017) with Penn State University, has been elective Vice President for the Americas for the IFHE
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2020 World Congress in Georgia We need you! To volunteer please contact Janine at or Bev at
Hurricanes IRMA and MARIE have devastated many parts of the Caribbean where there are few resources to devote to recovery
6th October 2017 "Change the Future of Migration - Invest in Food Security and rural Development" IFHE committed for the