IFHE Disaster Assistance Partnership

In 2013 at the IFHE Leadership Meeting of the International Federation
for Home Economics (IFHE), the name of the group internationally was
decided as the “Disaster Assistance Partnerships to Home Economics
Programs in Developing Countries”, which is called the Disaster
Assistance Partnerships or DAP.
The DAP is an IFHE Council Committee, its “DAP – Guidelines and
Procedures” were approved by the IFHE Executive Committee and are
the basis for the DAP activities.

The Disaster Assistance Partnerships Project is a great
opportunity for international involvement by FCS
professionals and other partners. YOU are welcome to be a part of the
worldwide network that includes the International
Federation for Home Economics (IFHE) and IFHE-US,
American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences/
Global Perspectives Community, Caribbean Association of
Home Economists, Canada, Region of the Americas,
Thailand, Australia and Japan Associations and the
International Home Economics Services, plus multiple,
state, university and other organizations and individuals
worldwide. The International Home Economics Services,
Inc. initiated the DAP.


For more information about the current DAP project in Guyana click here.