IFHE Development Fund

The purposes of the IFHE Development Fund

Collect, manage and disburse resources in the form of small grants to professionals in developing countries (World Bank definition)

Advance the objectives and visibility of IFHE internationally

Promote Home Economics related educational and development programs for the purpose of improving the quality of life for individuals, families and communities and strengthens the profession’s ability to advocate in behalf of families.

How can one give to the IFHE Development Fund?

Funds can be received in a variety of forms:
• A personal gift as a contribution
• A contribution associated with a fund-raising project
• A memorial fund commemorating an individual, or event, to preserve their memory or recognize their contribution
• A corporate gift from a body whose corporate mission is congruent with IFHE
• An estate bequest (will) or deferred giving in a personal will or estate plan, subject to the laws of individual states

Contributions should be sent to:
IFHE Development Fund
Luann Boyer
22500 Road 21,
Fort Morgan, CO 80701