Board Members

The International Federation for Home Economics affiliate in the United States (IFHE-US) began in a structure meeting at Lake Jackson, Florida in January 1996.

The formal creation of IFHE-US was with a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS), effective in 1999. The first meeting of the IFHE-US Board of Directors was held at the AAFCS Annual Meeting in Seattle, Washington, June 1999 with Juanita Mendenhall serving as the first President.

Board of Directors

President:  Sue Buck (Email)

President-Elect:  Rachel Schichtl (Email) 

Director of Finance:  Luann Boyer  (Email)

Director of Professional Development & Programs:  Kim Kamin (Email)

Director of Communications:  Lori Myers (Email)

Director of Young Professional Network:  Kathryn Carroll  (Email)

Recorder:  Sandra Poirier ((Email)

Director, IFHE-US Development Fund:  Vacant

Nomination Chair: Cheryl Empey (Email)

Region of the Americas IFHE Vice President:  Janine Duncan (Email)

AAFCS Global Perspectives: Kim Kamin (Email)

IFHE UN Liaison: Anita Ferron (Email)