Board Members

The International Federation for Home Economics affiliate in the United States (IFHE-US) began in a structure meeting at Lake Jackson, Florida in January 1996.

The formal creation of IFHE-US was with a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS), effective in 1999. The first meeting of the IFHE-US Board of Directors was held at the AAFCS Annual Meeting in Seattle, Washington, June 1999 with Juanita Mendenhall (left) serving as the first President.

Board of Directors

Sue Buck

Past President
Roxie Godfrey

Director of Finance
Luann Boyer

Director of Professional
Development & Programs

Kim Kamin

Director of

Rachel Schichtl 

Director of Young
Professional Network

Carmen Pedersen

Sandra Poirier

Director, IFHE-US
Development Fund

Mary Kaye Merwin

Nomination Chair
Cheryl Empey

Region of the Americas
IFHE Vice President

Janine Duncan

AAFCS Global Perspectives
Jody Roubanis

IFHE UN Liaison
Anita Ferron

XXIV IFHE World Congress 2022 Co-Chairs

Bev Card –

Janine Duncan-