IFHE Press Release: World Home Economics Day 2018

The theme of the World Home Economics Day 2018 (WHED 2018)
“Home Economics Literacy: Skills for Healthy and Sustainable Cooking”
supports these two main aims of the World Health Organisation (WHO).
1. Reduce Non Communicable Diseases and
2. Food Safety to avoid Foodborne Illness.

With the topic of the WHED 2018 the International Federation for Home Economics
(IFHE) underlines the significance of Home Economics Education for all!

Food Safety and Healthy Diets are key aspects of Home Economics Education in the
subject “Food and Nutrition”.
Healthy Cooking to Reduce Non Communicable Diseases
The WHO Healthy diet Fact sheet N°394 points out the consequences of healthy diet
and unhealthy diet in correlation with lack of physical activity.
The WHO action plan aims to reduce the Non Communicable Diseases by 25% until 2025.
Home Economics Education enables children, adults and professionals to plan and
prepare healthy diets, which are relevant from the first day of life until the old age.
Healthy Cooking to Reduce Foodborne Illness
Eating contaminated food is an important cause of illness, disability and deaths around
the world, as revealed by the first ever WHO Estimates of the Global Burden of Foodborne
diseases published in December 2015.
Consumers play major Role in Food Safety
The WHO highlights, even though food producers have the primary responsibility to
keep the food we buy safe, consumers have an important part to play. Knowing our
food, and the associated benefits of being an empowered consumer, should be taught
from the youngest possible age. https://www.unspecial.org/2015/04/empoweredchildren-are-the-best-health-ambassadors/2/ 

IFHE calls for action to implement the WHO “Five Keys to Safer Food”, which
explain the basic principles that individuals all over the world should know to prevent
foodborne diseases. On WHED 2018 IFHE Members, Home Economics teachers
worldwide demonstrate that Home Economics Literacy includes skills for healthy and
sustainable cooking.
The IFHE Best Practice Tips Cooking, Refrigeration, Canning of Vegetables and
Drying of Fruits and Vegetables developed and published as posters by the IFHE
Programme Committee Household Technology & Sustainability demonstrate
guidelines for sustainable food preparation.
http://he.ifhe.org/857/ and see WHED in the section “In Focus” under

20TH MARCH 2018”