McManus Development Fund Event: June 24th @ AAFCS


DoubleTree Hotel – SeaWorld

FRIDAY, June 24, 2022

6:30 to 8:00 p.m.

Check AAFCS Program for Room Assignment.

Registration for this in-person event is $50 – with $40 as a tax deductible contribution.

Special Student Registration Rate – $10

Light refreshments will be served during the event.

The contribution portion of your registration will be used to support the IFHE-US Disaster Assistance Partnership (DAP) to assist with establishing a Home Economics Program at Aishalton Secondary School in Guyana, South America.

The program for the Cultural Evening will share the development and progress of the Aishalton School Home Economics Program.  Dr. Audrey Jones-Drayton, IFHE member from Barbados has worked closely with the project and will coordinate the presentation.  We will also have the Aishalton Home Economics teacher, Miss Vickey Smith, join us.  You’ll learn what has happened and what the current needs are to support and advance the program.

E-mail your registration by June 13, 2022 to  so that we can plan for adequate refreshments and handouts. 


            Checks payable to IFHE-US Development Fund

            Mail to:  IFHE-US

                           Luann Boyer, Director Finance

                           22500 Road 21

                           Ft. Morgan, Co 80701

            Credit Card at and select Sharon McManus Cultural Event

If you will not be able to attend the AAFCS Conference in Orlando, FL, you can still participate in this event.  It will be provided by Zoom at a later date.  Please register to receive the Zoom link  of the event by sending your name and e-mail address to  We hope that you will be able to make a tax deductible contribution that will be used by DAP Fund for the Guyana project.

IFHE US Grant Recipient Update from the Himalayas

Title of their project: Enabling livelihoods and improved nutrition through micro solar hatchery enterprises for women empowerment and improved nutrition in villages of district Almora, Uttarakhand.

The team works for the “Institute of Himalayan Environmental Research and Education” (INHERE), Chinoni, Uttarakhand, India. The principal contact is Chinmaya Shah.

It is interesting to see the work INHERE is doing in India. You can find more information on the project here. It truly is such an honor to be able to see the work that the IFHE US grant recipients are doing across the globe.

Development Fund Recipient from Pakistan


We are pleased to announce that the grant proposal project, “Pathways to Pain with Extra
Chromosome: Relations between Societal Discrimination, Parental Functioning & Child
Psychosocial Well-Being” in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) districts of Pakistan has been
selected as one of the 2020-2024 IFHE Development Fund Grant recipients. This proposal was
submitted by Prof Dr. Syeda Kaniz Fatima Haider from the Department of Human Development
and Family Studies, College of Home Economics, University of Peshawar, Pakistan,
The mission of this proposal is to help the lives of people with Down Syndrome and their
families through support, education, public awareness, and advocacy in the rural areas of the
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Districts in Pakistan.

DAP- Puerto Rico needs your help!


Disaster Assistance Partnerships (DAP) CALL TO ACTION

Hurricanes IRMA and MARIE last September devastated many parts of the Caribbean and much of Puerto Rico where there are few resources to devote to recovery of home economics programs. DAP has already helped several islands in the Caribbean in cooperation with CAHE, where colleagues and FCS/home economics programs on affected islands received assistance from DAP. It is clear that our continued efforts will benefit our colleagues in Puerto Rico where the suffering from the hurricanes destruction continues to be dire and profound!

Hearing directly from our colleagues from Puerto Rico at AAFCS Convention in June, it became clear that resources for recovery of fcs/home economics programs in the hardest hit and often most needy areas are desperately needed. DAP and the International Home Economics Services Board agreed that we need to take action similar to what was done for the Caribbean Islands. Our local, state, national and international colleagues and supporters will work together with our Puerto Rican colleagues to coordinate our response.

Schools selected are going to need anything and everything that can be used in an fcs/home economics classroom. Puerto Rico FCS programs are diverse and teachers are resilient, often working with a bare minimum of everything daily. We need donations of teacher resources such as textbooks and curriculum materials as well as equipment and materials for Culinary, Foods and Nutrition, Clothing, Child Development, Family Resource Management, Hospitality and crafts courses, etc. Materials in both English and Spanish are useful. We will also need additional money for shipping and the purchase of some items needed but not donated.


Individually: Contribute items in good condition that would be useful for the operation of a home economics program (see partial list) and/or donate money for shipping and expenses. Donated items from individuals will need to be sent OR BROUGHT to our storage facility at: DAP, c/o Juanita Mendenhall, 122 Point Lane, Ridgeway, SC 29130. Monetary donations should be sent to: Luann Boyer, Finance Director, IFHE-US, 22500 County Rd. 21, Ft. Morgan, CO 80701-9337. Notation for check: IFHE-US/DAP, Fund/hurricanes. See information below for shipping info. Many cars full of supplies were driven to our warehouse distribution center for the Caribbean. This worked well for people traveling elsewhere that could make the deliveries on the way.

As an FCS Affiliate, FCCLA or other organization: Organize and plan for gathering materials, such as designating a coordinator for DAP, set time, method and location for gathering donations and boxing items for shipment. Contact Juanita Mendenhall so we can work together on arrangements. This would make a great Affiliate, FCCLA or other group project. You may wish to have a fundraiser in support of expenses. Any funds generated should be sent to LuAnn Boyer as indicated above. (Even schools held fundraisers for the islands.)

Assist on Site in South Carolina: We work out of three large storage units near Lake Wateree and need help with sorting, packing, labeling and shipping the donated items. We will have a “Packing Days” once the weather cools a bit and notioces will be sent in advance. Persons come and go as they can. These are fun days that build community for participants as they help others. Arrangements for overnight are possible.

CONTACT: Juanita Mendenhall, DAP Coordinator, 122 Point Lane, Ridgeway, SC 29130.
Ph: 803-337-4012; Cell: 803-413-0719;

DAP hopes to be able to send materials for 3 schools in each of seven districts as identified by Aurea Dominich, PR DOE FCS Director, as most in need of assistance. (21 schools) We will need your help to do it!!!

Information below is from discussions with Aurea Dominich, FCS Director, Ministry of Education, Puerto Rico. Teaching is done in Spanish but teachers can use materials in English and learning English is a “ core curricumlm standard” so, although Spanish is preferred by students, schools can use both. ANY materials in Spanish will be greatly appreciated. “FCS programs have the highest enrollment at Career Centers in Puerto Rico.” Also, from discussion with Dr. Wanda Figueroa and 6 other members of the PRFCS that attended AAFCS in June, the Puerto Rico FCS Association will assist with the project.

Culinary Arts, Foods, Nutrition Courses: (Are there any textbooks, materials in Spanish for this area?)
All lab equipment: Cookware, bakeware and utensils of all kinds. Tableware: dishes, cups, glasses, flatware, serving and storing containers; pitchers, cutlery, tablecloths, etc.

Fashion Design, Construction/Sewing, Merchandizing Courses: (Measurements are mostly metric but are able to use other.) Instruction materials, fabrics (especially denium and cotton), notions, sewing machines, irons, pressing and other equipment.

Child Care/Early Childhood/Parenting and Health and Safety: Texts and posters, educational toys or childrens learning equipment, “Baby-Think-It-Over’s”, Teen Pregnancy Prevention materials, family health.

Creative Arts: Crafts (instruction books, materials, kits), yarns and threads, crafts fabric and equipment, needles. Quilting, especially smaller items and patterns, personal and home décor instructions and supplies.

ADDITIONALLY, Leaders of the Cooperative Extension Service in PR have requested canning and food preservation supplies, especially glass jars and lids. We will collect and send these, too.

If you can imagine they need “it” they probably do!

IF YOU NEED CLARIFICATION contact: Juanita Mendenhall, DAP Director:
Ph: 803-337-4012 or Cell: 803-413-0719 or text message


Puerto Assistance Memo 2018

Donate to the DAP- Disaster Assistance Partnership


WE NEED YOUR HELP AT AAFCS in Atlanta, June 24-27, 2018

We need small donated items for our “Partnerships Project” Product Sales Tables at various professional meetings. The money raised will help fund the “Disaster Assistance Partnerships Project” supplies, with money currently held by the IFHE-US (a 501(c)(3) organization, . ANYONE can contribute by making and/or bringing items to AAFCS, IFHE or other meetings and/or sending them to raise funds for THIS PROJECT or by making a direct monetary donation. The DAP has sales tables at the South Carolina FCS Conference, the Caribbean Association Home Economists conferences, and
the AAFCS Conventions and IFHE Meetings so our need for donations is ongoing..

DAP Memo for Sales Tables 2018

2018 DAP Donation Receipt


Hurricane Relief for Home Economics

Hurricanes IRMA and MARIE have devastated many parts of the Caribbean where there are few resources to devote to recovery of Home Economics programs. Our Caribbean Association of Home Economists (CAHE) colleagues and FCS/Home Economics programs on affected islands need our help in recovering and maintaining their life preparation Home Economics programs. Requests for assistance are already coming in to CAHE and DAP.

For instance, Barbuda is uninhabitable for the foreseeable future so Antigua has all students from schools in Barbuda in their programs with no additional resources plus Antigua had damage themselves from MARIE.

Please click here for downlaod the “Call to Action”

Please click here for download an Update – “Call to Action” – October 2017

Submitted by: Juanita MENDENHALL, Chair Council Committee Distaster Assistance Partnerships in Developing Countries (DAP)