Helpers needed for AAFCS St. Louis   (Survey on Survey Monkey)

Hi Everyone,
The AAFCS Conference St. Louis, June 23-26 is right around the corner.
AAFCS and IFHE-US will be hosting the Welcome Reception “Gateway to the World.”
We need you to make this reception a success!

Welcome Reception Plans
Volunteer Opportunities
Pre-Conference:   These will be done prior to AAFCS Conference if you are not attending.  
     1) Design the “passport”
     2) Create cards for memory game
     3) Procure International money–will be returned
     4) Select phrases common to all travelers
     5) Collect pictures of International clothing

AAFCS Conference
Sunday, June 23
Setup: 1:00-4:30 pm. No heavy items involved. Setting up room with displays, tables and chairs. Hotel is responsible for setting up food tables.

4:30-6:00 pm–  Time will be split into 45 minute work periods.   
Attendees pick up passports and participate in activities. Passports are stamped. At the end, attendees drop off passports for drawing ticket for substantial prizes. Light appetizers will be served, hotel responsible for food.

Volunteers needed for activity stations.
     1) Match FCS content phrase to phrase in another language
     2) Match traditional dress (images to the country)
     3) Match currency to country
     4) Memory game for International foods
Passports are stamped after attendee has participated in the activity.

6:00 pm-6:30 pm–Clean-up  (Note – if you are attending the Cultural Event at 7 pm, we’ll make sure you are done in time to walk or ride the 4 or 5  blocks from Hyatt to the Cultural Event. )

Please complete the survey ASAP  (link given at start of this message)  so we will know where you have graciously volunteered and can put a schedule together and let you know when or how you are needed.  If you have any problems connecting to the survey link – contact Luann Boyer at

We want to thank you ahead of time for representing IFHE-US during the Welcome Reception.
If you have any questions, please text or send me an email.

Thank you and see you soon,,
Roxie V Godfrey Ed.D.
IFHE-US President

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